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      Filling an international vacancy might seem difficult. Getting the right candidate is the icebreaker in
      global staffing. In India, there are several companies that help with global staffing. Nevertheless, are
      they giving the right candidate at the right place.
      Technology, automotive, retail, pharmaceutical, and energy industries have expanded across borders
      and continue to do so. These industries surely need support from a global staffing agency who can get
      them the right fit to fill up the positions. This effort needs a meticulous approach and a good understanding
      of the skill required.

      About Maatrom HR Solution

      Maatrom HR Solutions has global connects and presence offering payroll services to Singapore clients,
      and staffing support to the US and UK. With worldwide contractor connects, Maatrom can provide the
      right fit for a job vacancy. The team has the expertise to understand the job requirements and connect a
      qualified candidate with the expected skill sets.
      Maatrom is not just a staffing agency but an end-to-end HR Solutions provider. The key focus area being
      Global staffing & Recruitment Services in India serving counties like US, UK & Singapore. Balancing
      between the right fit and the right candidate poses a challenge always. Maatrom has successfully
      addressed this for their clients in the UK and USA.

      Benefits of Hiring Maatrom as your Global HR Partner

      Huge Experience – With 2 decades of experience deploying candidates abroad, we can get you fitting
      candidates for high-profile jobs as well. Maatrom is the professionals’ choice and the Organizations’ HR
      Knowledge – Our highly skilled HR team has sound knowledge of
      country-based behavioral patterns
      to deploy the right talent for the benefit of the organization. We can identify candidates who can add
      value to an organization by adopting to the local culture and mindset.
      Cost-efficient – Hiring from outside the country or from India is cost-effective but getting an efficient
      Global recruitment services in India might pose a bit of a hassle. Only until you have reached Maatrom
      HR Solutions, who have earned customer loyalty with a proven track record of recruiting beyond
      borders with a seamless process and cost-effective model.

      Awareness of Legacy Items – As a ‘Global HR Services’ company, we are equipped with the regulations
      and local laws of UK and USA. We can assure you of taking care of the legacy items and smooth
      Payroll Processing – With skilled HR professionals, we also undertake global payroll processing strictly
      adhering to the rules and regulations of local tax policy and payroll guidelines.


      Earning the trust of local clients with global requirements, we have become the most preferred ‘Global
      recruitment & staffing service in Chennai
      ’. For seamless operation and end-to-end HR solutions, rely
      on well-trained and dynamic professionals with experience in local laws and regulations of the UK and
      the USA. You can sit back and relax while the Maatrom team does the job effortlessly.