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      HR Payroll and Statutory Compliance Services

      In case you are new to the term “statutory compliance”, it refers to the legal frameworks within which each and every organization should deal with its employees. Countries have their own set of central and state labor laws that companies need to adhere to. This list keeps getting updated every now and then. 

      Companies need to ensure that they are compliant with these laws. If not, the business will have to face a lot of legal issues. Therefore, companies need to be well-versed with the labor regulations in their country of operation. Be it the payment of wages or offering maternity benefits, companies need to be fluent with the regulations intact in their operating nation.

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      Why is statutory compliance necessary?


      All businesses, irrespective of their sizes, need to make sure that they adhere to the statutory compliances. This is done to ensure that the companies manage their employees in a proper manner. To ensure that efficient statutory compliance is in place in your organization, you need to have the following aspects in place:

      • Proper support during audits and inspections
      • Adhering to ethical ways of business practices
      • Following the laws and regulations set by the government
      • Legal documents that are readily available

      There’s a lot of processes that go in the back end when it comes to getting the above-mentioned functions intact. However, it involves a lot of manpower and money to ensure the proper functioning of the system. Also, not all organizations will be able to afford this. This is where the need for an HR consultancy comes into the picture. 

      There are several HR consultancies available in the market. You need to do your research and check if the HR consultancy will be able to match your needs and budget. Anyway, it isn’t going to be a huge cost involved as in building an in-house team.

      The main advantages of outsourcing compliance are:


      • Proper corporate governance
      • Reduced labor overheads
      • On-time compliance with all the statutes and labor laws in place
      • Avoidance of costs that might arise out of non-compliance.
      • Proper maintenance of all records that are related to compliance

      If you are looking for an HR consultancy to take care of your HR statutory and payroll needs, Maatrom solution can help you out with its years of experience and team of experts. With over 19+ years of experience, we offer highly efficient payroll and statutory compliance services for customers across the globe. We make sure our services are customized based on your business requirements. Irrespective of the size of your company, we make sure our payroll and statutory compliance services meet your business needs in a cost-effective manner.

      Here are some of the main advantages of your business working with us to meet your HR statutory and payroll needs:

      • Get your business payroll and statutory compliance processes streamlined based on your business requirements
      • Very low risk of legal penalties 
      • Error-free reporting and documentation results in a cost-effective solution
      • Helps your business concentrate on other core business activities

      Looking for the ideal HR consultancy that would make managing your business operations much easier, especially the domain of payroll, Maatrom HR Solution can be your preferred option. Reach out to us now and our team of HR experts would be ready to guide you through.

      Training the New Entrants and Experienced

      We all know that training is important when an employee is newly hired. The new entrant needs to be taught about his role in the company, and also be refreshed with the values and rules of the business. Training isn’t just for the new hires, it can serve really helpful for the experienced employees as well.

      See, when we mention the word “training”, it actually refers to a wide range of topics. It can be a general topic that deserves the attention of the employees, or it can be related to the personal development of each person, or simply it can be a program to improve their technical expertise. Usually, training is conducted for employees if there is an update to their work process. Be it any sort of training, an experienced HR consultancy will be able to guide you through, right from the planning till the final execution part.

      Performance Management

      The appraisal process of each and every organization is different. Employees are evaluated on their performance based on different factors. However, if this particular crucial activity is provided to an experienced HR consultancy, it can be much more effective. Since performance management is a way to recognize and reward a company’s most valuable assets – employees, it is important that this whole process is done in a transparent and well-planned manner. A noteworthy HR consultancy will make sure that this process is carried out in a flawless way and to everyone’s satisfaction.

      Tieing up with an experienced HR consultancy is a great way to handle your human resources. They are professionals in this field and they can be totally trusted upon. If you are looking for the best HR consultancy in Chennai or Placement consultants in Chennai, Maatrom solution could be of great help. With several years of experience in this field and being rewarded for our wide range of HR services, you can trust us with your HR services.

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