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      Do you feel your resume is not landing the job interviews you want even though you have applied for many positions ? Keep reading to know how to write a resume that stands out. 4 Ways to Improve your Resume

      1. Create a distinctive summary

      This part of resume should say who you are and what you have to offer to the recruiters. It should communicate what values you hold, be it your skills, experience, results, credentials or even personality. Think of your summary as a movie trailer, it should give a glimpse of who you are and not the whole story. Rest of the resume should support your summary.

      2. Mentioning Work Experience in the Right way

      In the work experience part, add 2 to 3 lines about your position and main responsibilities below the company name and job title. It shows a realistic picture of what your roles were. If the description fits their requirements then you become a potential candidate for their job. Make sure that you mention your most recent experience at first, followed by the previous experiences.

      3. Accomplishment driven bullet points

      This part of your resume is the main foundation. It tells the recruiters what your highest accomplishments are. Each point should contain what task you performed and the outcome of that task. Mentioning quantifiable results is an added advantage.

      4. Formatting

      Avoid using tablets, text boxes, columns and graphics. You may think it looks appealing but it will distract the recruiters. When they look at your resume, they will want to quickly find the information. Don’t get too creative with the formatting because a resume should be neat and sophisticated.

      Incorporate the above tips to your resume for improving your chances of landing a job interview. Currently, there are many HR consultancy in Chennai that can help find your dream job. However, make sure you do your sufficient research and zero in on the best placement consultants in Chennai to land on the best job that matches your profile.

      ¬†“Your resume is not just a historical account of what you’ve done, it’s a living document that should speak about the brilliance you’ll bring to the table”