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      Human resources are important to any organisation. Right from strategic planning to getting tasks accomplished, the importance of HR cannot be overlooked. Let us take a look at the main 5 areas where HR is really vital to any organisation. 

      Strategy Planning and Management

      A company’s capital influences an organisation’s success. An effective HR team helps in offering the necessary expertise in framing actionable strategic plans for the business and participate in the decision making process. They also play a key role in assessing current staff and also make projections for future workforce requirements based on the business demand. 

      Hiring Process

      HR professionals closely work with hiring managers and make sure that the best hiring decision is made for the business. The HR team makes sure that they hire the right fit for their company keeping in mind the company standards and norms. 

      Managing Payroll

      One of the major roles of HR is managing the payroll of their employees. A competent HR team offers a compensation that is ideal and matches the company’s finances. They do detailed analysis and forecasting to keep compensation costs well in line with the organisation’s current financial status and future revenue growth.

      Safety Management

      Employers have the most important role of providing a safe and sound working environment for their employees. They need to make sure that the working conditions meet the industry norms. In the case of manufacturing and production oriented businesses, developing programs that reduce the number of workplace injuries and fatalities is key. HR team also involves in promoting awareness and training on safe handling of dangerous equipment to make sure that the employees are competent enough to manage work, thereby eliminating the question of risk involved.

      Training and Development

      Right from onboarding an employee to making sure that the employee is competent enough in the specified work role, HR team plays a really important role. If the employees require training about a new trending topic or be it a general awareness training, the HR team makes sure that it is done effectively. Right from technical training and development to personal development programs, everything is taken care of by the HR team.

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