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      A payroll solution is important to the well-being of any business and it’s employees. The right payroll solution should be the one that is automated, accurate and seamlessly blends with your business model. Also, the best fit payroll solution contributes to greater employee satisfaction and offers better insights to the stakeholders.

      So, as a business, what are the factors you need to consider before picking the ideal payroll solution?

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      A payroll solution should include a lot of benefits. It should offer ease-of-use, automated processes, legislative compliance, taxation, proper reporting, and integration with the current HR systems in use, tax filing, self-service portals, cross-device access, and support.

      Here are the main pointers you need to look at before finalizing a payroll solution for your business-

      – Understanding your business payroll needs which will include the total number of employees, budget, benefits, payroll frequency, payslips and likewise factors
      – Understand your business reporting needs which will include payroll summary, Cost centre reporting, payroll cost analysis department-wise, tax and wage summary and so on.
      – Understand contractual and compliance needs

      A thorough understanding of the above mentioned factors will help you find which payroll solution will best suit your business, your employees, and your budget at hand.

      Like always, it is important to take the help of an experienced HR consultancy to help you work out the best payroll solution for your business.

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