The cost of hiring new talent in an organization is 30% percent of the annual income of an employee. It
is highly crucial for businesses that are in dire need of new candidates to have a specific objective to
accomplish. A critical evaluation of the need is a must to make the hiring process efficient and cost-
effective. Never an organization can compromise on the quality of candidates due to the shortness of
timelines. It is always a big question mark as to how to identify the right talent cost-effectively and
keep up with quality expectations.

This thought inspires you to partner with staffing agencies or consultants to fill a vacancy. They have a
wide search network, and they might be part of other job-seeking portals where they tend to find good
talents. There are staffing consultants or staffing agencies.
Now, what is the difference? Try answering this question before approaching a hiring company. Let us
find out the differentiating line between a staffing consultant and an agency.

Staffing Consultant

Dive deep into understanding what a staffing consultant does to get you the right talent. The
relationship between a consultant and an organization is short-term or one-time. The firm walks you
through the hiring process and picking the right candidate from the talent pool. They tend to solve your
specific issues. Why do you think businesses need to approach such firms? The recurring reason told by
businesses is that they do not have an in-house HR. They also help in solving personnel related issues
using their tie-ups with third parties. Consulting firms help businesses to put up a hiring process in place,
which helps you in the future.

Staffing Agency

Agencies have a talent pool from where they can hire the right talent for an organization. Staffing
agencies provide workforce for short-term, on-contract, or temporary skilled workforce or permanent
hires. They act as middlemen between the hiring company and the job seekers. Businesses who need to
save their time and effort in hiring candidates for a huge project can entrust this task with a staffing
agency. The agency takes care of identifying the right talent, interviewing the candidates, getting them
on-board to the job. This support comes in handy when there is huge need. The agency takes you
through the entire process and helps save your time and effort. They also help in advertising job
openings and inviting suitable matches to the vacancy.
Now that you have seen the difference, businesses need to know whom to approach for their
requirements. Above all, there is yet another quest to identify a good agency or consultant to be able to
get the right candidate that exactly fits in the requirement.


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