Let’s take a minute to celebrate all working moms and women. Women with children usually have to work hard at home and at their place of employment, making them doubly deserving of recognition for a job well done by them. Working mothers make up nearly one-third (32%) of all employed women. Some of the most popular fields for working mothers are education, healthcare, and social assistance; 40% of all employed mothers work in one of these areas. Teachers and registered nurses are the most common jobs for women all over the world. Women’s empowerment can be defined in several ways, that is, accepting their opinions, making an effort to seek them, or raising their status through education, awareness, literacy, etc.

Women are known to be the most dynamic and versatile all over the world. They get molded easily into various forms, starting from being a daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, and so on. Every girl while growing up has their own dreams and ambitions. They start out silly, such as wanting to be a princess, but change into realistic and strong thoughts with passing time, and some actually end up becoming princesses too. Most reach the state of success, while some let go of their ambitions and dreams for others. However, the journey of every woman is different but always remains challenging. It takes a big turn as women step into the world of teenagers, young ladies, wives, motherhood, and so on. All women work, even those who are not considered “working.” They work hard and earn a living. That is because they are the ones who are usually responsible for all care work in the family and surrounding areas. This is true for the entire world, but much truer for India and other South Asian countries. According to a global report published by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, women in India spend approximately eight hours per day on unpaid care work, while men spend less than one hour. Globally, women are engaged in unpaid care work about three times more than men. This means that although almost all countries in the world need to work hard to change this scenario, India’s challenges are particularly daunting. Recruitment services in Chennai give importance to women and their efficiency and recruit them.


Women are known for their efforts and efficiency at work. Women are more responsible and hardworking in any business. Maatrom HR’s solution celebrates women and encourages them to work as their staffing consultants in Chennai and recruit them. We also help potential women to find the right organization and help them in their career growth.