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      Even though you are a hard worker and very sincere in work, you still need a flexible work schedule to manage in this pandemic work life balance time. No one can work 24/7 and even if you work 6-8 hrs a day you still can’t focus on work all day. Even the most energetic person needs some break and relaxation. 

      Both employers and employees got the most flexible working terms during this pandemic. Most of the organizations really showed high productivity even during these uncertain times. How come all these things happen it’s not only about work from home option, but still it’s all about the flexibility you offer to the employees 

      1. When employees love their job their satisfaction not only depends on the role they work in but also depends on the output they show, once you start allowing them to be flexible in their work, it increases their productivity and creativity a lot
      1. Creativity doesn’t come like an instant thing, it always needs some time to break your head and bring out the input to become a solid output. The greatest creativity comes from the most relaxed and calm mind
      1. Don’t pressurize an employee with a different work schedule at the same time. Define and align with a proper schedule that helps them to work better
      1. Employers providing a better flexible environment get less absenteeism and more results. If the employees can manage both work and office work flexibly then it’s high time where productivity increases. Embracing flexibility is one of the best formulas to keep up the best employee.
      1. Even during this pandemic, many industries worked from their flexible zones and one of the important departments is HR People and HR recruitment consultants who are involved seriously in helping both job seekers and organizations to find their needs 

      HR agencies in Chennai like big cities are the most important place where HR recruiters helped many job seekers to find their job from their flexible zone and find the right opportunity for them 

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