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      What is electronic onboarding?

      Electronic on-boarding is generally a cloud-based platform used in several companies with the help of HR consultants in Chennai. It allows the employees to go through the on-boarding process at their own pace. Additionally, they could use their choice of devices, including mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc. In a world that is becoming increasingly digital and paperless, electronic employee on-boarding with software such as Essential HR has many advantages that are beneficial to the HR department and help an employee feel like a part of the team more quickly. HR services in Chennai are available for many businesses to make electronic boards more accessible and more helpful.

      Five advantages

      • Reduces the workload

      Because all onboarding paperwork is completed electronically on a single platform, HR teams avoid spending lots of time collecting, printing, signing, and returning lengthy paper forms. A digital platform allows employees to fill out forms quickly in one location and submit them on time.

      • Tracks employees’ progress.

      Electronic onboarding helps you collect, store, and analyze data on onboarding progress in work. All the onboarding details are stored, and it is vital as it helps to know the employees’ onboarding experience.

      • It protects employee data.

      All the employee’s paper records are easily lost, stolen, or stored in a non-compliant manner, whereas, with an electronic boarding system, you can offer cybersecurity measures like encryption and two-factor authentication related to all work.

      • Personalized onboarding

      Each employee has their own unique goals and roles. Electronic onboarding allows the flexibility to adapt the onboarding process according to individual job needs.

      • Save time 

      Lots of effort is put into onboarding employees, and it includes lots of paperwork. With the help of electronic onboarding, employees can update everything previously and start working on the main job on the first day itself. 


      Businesses that want to streamline their hiring process will save time and money and keep their office and sensitive information secure with electronic on-boarding. Maatrom HR Solutions is one of the best HR consultancies to get your electronic on-boarding done. Visit our website for electronic on-boarding (https://www.maatromhrsolution.com/)