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      In our new age of hybridization and working styles, greater flexibility is leading us to greater productivity, which helps the people in remote areas also work for development. Despite the challenges we’ve all experienced in the 2020 pandemic, many employees still say that their work/life balance has improved this year.

      But there are other sides too. Research shows that 70% of remote workers feel that they are left out of the workplace. Remote employees need connections to thrive in their lives. Making sure this happens requires more thought when there’s a lack of shared physical space to meet each other with the help of global recruitment services in India. Some remote employees now work in teams with other people they’ve never met in person, making specific connections more challenging and leading some people to feel removed from the company culture.

      Till recent times, these challenges were very unique to geographically remote employees—now they’re widespread all over. The good news is that the tools are there to increase the connection between remote employees’ engagement in the remote work area.

      When business organizations invest in their remote area employees’ long-term success and engagement, they are rewarded with happier, more productive employees who are in it for the long haul. Even global recruitment services in India must take utmost care in ensuring remote employee engagement.

      Tips for engaging remote employees:

      Stay connected through technology.

      Always keep employees connected through effective communication channels and the strategic use of technology. Motivate the team members to use the cloud for sharing files and to increase the seamless work efforts between all teams. Make sure to take advantage of video conferencing and other technical benefits. While email and digital chats always help to keep in touch, face-to-face communication can help the virtual team feel more present in the office environment.

      Arrange staff meetings and appropriate video calls with screen sharing on a regular basis for a better work experience. This can help your remote employees feel as though they are a part of the business, and it can help change the way your in-house staff members view the remote workers.

      Care for the employee

      Build a meaningful relationship between the remote employees and allow them to create a perfect balance. Respect them during their time of settling down with their boundaries and performance expectations. Discuss with them your family and personal activities. concerning stress and mental or emotional health, and, most importantly, assisting them with their workload to avoid burnout.

      Social interaction

      In spite of the many benefits of remote employee work, the major drawback that remote employees complained of was loneliness. So keep your remote employees engaged by technical connections with the office. This is a major part that should be taken care of through social media chats, videos, and virtual team-building activities. Assign mentors to newly hired employees so they have someone they can rely on to ask questions and get valuable experience throughout their initial year. If possible, plan team or company treats and outings that will help in strengthening those connections between employees.

      Provide a mix of remote and on-site work options.

      Remote work increases employee engagement with the business, especially when employees spend a mix of time working at home and in the office environment. It was found that the optimal work engagement boost was when employees worked from home for three to four days out of a five-day work week. Time spent in the office helps employees feel connected to their coworkers, which allows for in-person bonding among team members in a working organization. But the majority of the time, working remotely keeps employees focused and productive, less stressed, and happier than working in an office environment.


      Recruitment plays a major role in the development of an organization as well as a country. Recruitment services in India should take utmost care in recruitment, which helps in major engagement with the employees, either remote or office-based. Maatrom HR Solution is one of the best global recruitment services in Chennai,  providing the best solutions for all the recruitment needs for any type of organization for over a decade.