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      The Covid pandemic has disrupted the economy and the job market. The norms have changed. Many industries got shut down and many people lost their jobs. But, even with the situation remaining uncertain, people are slowly adapting, and businesses are trying to get back on track. The economy is slowly trying to inch forward to where it once was. But many things have changed that won’t go back to the way it was before the start of the pandemic. So how do the job market and industries look in this time of chaos? If you’re currently in India’s fourth-largest city, Chennai, let’s look at some that have changed the most.

      IT & Technology

      Increased traffic on online platforms and websites, and to better facilitate working from home new software and network solutions had to be put in place. It has created opportunities for new talent and personal.

      Healthcare and Pharma

      There is an increased demand for healthcare workers all over the world. The industry was caught off-guard in the initial stages of the pandemic and suffered some setbacks, but have come through and are full of opportunities for the future.


      With shops being closed during lockdowns and people wanting to avoid contact with other people, the e-commerce industry saw a great rise in demand for its services and is expected to grow even more.

      Educational platforms

      With children learning from home, there have been many opportunities for online educational platforms. The industry is on the rise and many new job opportunities have been created.

      What is the best way to help you find a job in these uncertain times?

      You can look for a good HR consultancy in Chennai that will help you. You might be asking whether job consultancies are worth it? They can provide you with many advantages like keeping track of your applications and negotiating on your behalf with employers. There are many placement consultants in Chennai that offer their services. You must select the one that is most suitable for you. So, when you’re looking for an HR consultancy in Chennai, first of all, check whether it is reputable, then try to find out if they specialize in your area of expertise or are they, general consultants. Many placement consultants in Chennai offer you special services like coaching and training along with procuring placement opportunities for you. Choosing the right one can be a great advantage for you and will make your job hunting easier.