Getting jobs these days is not that easy. People search for jobs, and apply for tons of jobs without understanding the need for the job and reading the description. Randomly applying for jobs with no consideration, but just for the sake of getting the job. The first impression is when any recruiter wants to know about a candidate is their resume. If the resume is up to date with proper skills and impressive then you are a step ahead in clearing the job interview. Here are some of the tips you can structure your resume to get noticed, 

  1. Customization

The real challenge for a job seeker is to get ready for the perfect resume for the job. But most of the candidates make the same mistake when applying with the same resume for all the jobs without analyzing the job description. So the main thing is to keep the basic details constant and other details like major skills and objectives to be customized. A customized and proper resume will help you to land a high-profile job. 

  1. Highlight the Skills

Another important thing an HR recruiter notices is candidates’ skills. Even the candidate‚Äôs profile is not highly associated with the job profile but still, the chances are high the candidate might get the job if they highlight the specific skills the particular job requires. So after understanding the job description, do customize your resume with specific skills. 

  1. Experience

The most important thing is to mention your previous experience clearly in the resume if you have any. If you are a fresher mention your internships and certifications in the resume. It adds more credibility and trust to your profile. Make sure you are adding the same to your linkedin profile, that helps the recruiter to find you easily. HR Recruiters from Recruitment agencies go through lots of profiel verifications , so linkedin is their go to place to check your profile.

  1. Help

You can also get help from the placement consultants nearby you. If you are in big cities like Chennai and Bangalore. You can find the best recruitment agencies in Chennai like Maatrom HR Solutions where a potential job seeker meets the right employer. We have been serving a lot of prestigious organizations over the years and have met and made the candidates reach their dream job. Organizations and Job seekers believe that we are one of the go to HR solution in Chennai for all their staffing needs.

  1. Hobbies & achievements 

Always share your hobbies and achievements only if it is relatable to the job profile. For instance you are applying for a programming manager role and your resume says you are a singer and achievement says you are a good athlete, then there is no relevancy to the job profile. So always make your resume tailor made and apply for the right job. For instance get in touch with the right HR Placement consultants as well.