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      Countries over the world are facing a demand for qualified and skilled techies and India is no exception. Currently, India is also facing a scramble for technical talents. The report says 55% in technical fields by January 2021. Talent continues to remain a key element for Indian IT, over 5.1 million only 1.6 million are digitally skilled. India is known as a digital talent nation to the world it has emerged as an unparalleled human destination. All the companies will find it difficult to meet the demand and supply gap in the future. Utilizing Global recruitment services in India would help any organization to find the right potential candidate across the globe.

      Why does the talent gap exist?

      India has produced around 21 lakh students in UG, PG, and Ph.D. in 2020 -2021. In this only, 35% of students are skilled and are efficient to work and the rest are yet to get skilled. The gap occurs because of the university’s lack of providing learning skills, internships, and market-ready training. 

      It is suggested that the II and III-tier universities should increase corporate collaborations to overhaul courses in the tech domain. 

      Ongoing talent and retention challenges

      The demand for tech talent continues to grow exponentially in the upcoming years, and companies in India will definitely face challenges in not only recruiting but retaining present employees. With a growing gap between the supply and demand of efficient workers, candidates will continue to control the labor market in the future. Companies are being forced to meet the expectations of employees, and as such, salaries have been driven up by as much as 50%. Candidates with IT and tech skill sets know that they’re in the drivers’ seat—and they’re taking full advantage of the current situation. If today’s labor force trends continue, it would not be surprising to see the talent acquisition and retention difficulties currently hindering Indian companies from remaining hard for years to come. So the hiring should be balanced, so as the candidate’s profiles. To meet the organization’s needs, start hiring with the help of an HR consultant or else hire using a Global recruitment service in India to get the right candidate across the globe.

      We need to ramp up talent strategies and build digital capabilities all over. India should improve more in skilled people all over. In the future, it will be really hard for technology companies to cope with the economical needs