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      Lots of times when we have started talking about any famous person we always stalk their networth always. Net Worth is not only for any actors or sportspersons, it’s for everyone. Networth is the total wealth of the individual, which includes all their assets and it doesn’t include any of their liabilities. 

      Growing your net worth includes a lot of practice. We have always heard this statement: your network is always your net worth. The network doesn’t mean you have numerous connections on LinkedIn or connect with the people on social media. 

      Network means the real connection with the potential persons. Strong network is like a huge amount of money you have in your bank account.

      1. Analyze your network

      You have more potential than you think as the same, you also have huge network like your friends, colleagues, professors and many other. The thing is you definitely cannot reach the same person for every problems or every needs. You have to assess the problems and reach out to the right person. 

      1. Social events

      Social events are one of the best places where you can reach a lot more professionals and get connected with them. Here is a bonus tip , for better connection you should show up earlier for the event and get to interact with new people and get to know about them and their business or jobs. 

      It gives you more time as before the event starts. 

      Not only social events but also you can start creating your professional social media profile in Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook. These really help you to get good in networking

      1. Career 

      Without a great career, nothing is possible. Even though you go for any events or business meets, you should really have your own individuality to position yourself in between the crowd. But in today’s world getting the right job may be confusing or hectic. Lot of people try applying in all the portals or through HR recruitment consultants. 

      One of the important things you need to do is make connections. Yes whenever you have been called for an interview or got rejections. Don’t be worried and try to make a connection with them. A Recruitment Agent or HR recruiter cannot remember you all the time. Keep in touch with them through mails and rarely with calls only for professional purposes. It makes you more trustworthy and there are chances that you get the right opportunity in the later stage even not right now. 

      Maatrom HR solutions is one of the best HR recruitment agencies in Chennai  helps job seekers to get their dream job as well as helps organizations to get the right candidates. 

      Growing a network is not really easy but these 3 steps are really worth trying to develop your network. Don’t forget Network is Your Net Worth! Develop it strong !