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      A Human Resource department doesn’t directly contribute to an organization’s business. They are not involved in the production, marketing, or sales process. So, is it necessary to have an HR department?

      Well, the truth is that HR is the key to an organization’s success. How?

      To win the marketplace, you must first win the workplace.”

      -Doug Conant

      The biggest asset for any organization is its employees. The fulfillment and happiness level of the employees influence their performance. It is where HR comes into play.

      Promotes employee satisfaction

      From regulating the work environment to ensuring their grievances are solved, HR makes the employees feel heard. They also make sure that the salary and benefits of the employees match the industry standards.

      Strategic Management and Conflict Resolution

      They plan and decide on how to maximum utilize the human resources for the organization’s success. HR is involved in ensuring that the organization follows all safety guidelines and protocols set by the government. They identify any potential issue that can cause harm to the organization and takes care of it. They also act as negotiators and resolve tense situations between employees.

      Recruitment Process

      HR personnel ensures that the people recruited are skilled and are aligned with the companies core values. They also take care of all the paperwork regarding the hiring process and registration of new employees.

      Training and Development

      The world is rapidly changing, and the skills needed to succeed in any business are also changing. Companies must train their employees on the latest technologies and skills required to improve productivity. The HR department organizes training routines and workshops to reskill the employees.

      One can say that HR is a core department needed to ensure any organization’s success. However, most companies won’t be able to rope in an in-house HR department due to many reasons – one of the main reasons being cost. This is where the role of an HR consultancy comes into the picture. They provide end-to-end HR solutions to your business in a very cost-friendly manner and ensure your organization’s overall growth.

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