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      More often than not, people and even professionals get confused between the terms – staffing, recruiting, and hiring. Before we get into the detailed explanation behind each of these terms it is important to set the basics right.

      Whenever there is an open position for a company, and that position needs to be filled, a function is carried. This function is called by some as recruiting, while others call it either staffing or hiring. These terms have been used interchangeably in many instances. However, each of these terms has a slightly different meaning and context. Picking the right process is important in picking the right fit for the organization.


      Staffing is one way of filling up vacancies in an organization. But, what sets staffing apart from the other two terms is the longevity of service. In this case, the company is looking in particular for short-term roles and professionals for specific projects. For example, hiring staff for a concert, event, or convention. These works usually last, maybe a month or a couple of months. For staffing, candidates aren’t filled based on their high skill set. This process of staffing also includes looking for freelancers, temp workers, and other short-term workers.


      Hiring is kind of similar to staffing in many ways. The main difference that sets hiring apart from staffing is that it is aiming to fill higher-skilled roles than staffing. The positions also tend to be longer-term. The number of positions that need to be filled through the process of hiring is generally smaller. In the case of staffing, the company might be looking to fill in maybe over a set of 10 slots. However, hiring can even refer to filling up a single vacancy slot. Hiring concentrates more on job skills, compensation, employee benefits, and a lot more. The compensation offered here is relatively a lot higher than what is offered through staffing.


      Recruitment is more of an ongoing process. Recruitment follows a candidate-first approach where they want the candidate to be a main part of the organization. This generally involves looking for candidates, who not only hold great skill set and experience, but also would bring their own set of management skills and styles into the organization. This will result in the overall improvement of the company and its processes. 

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